Startups Consulting

Startups Consulting

A new company is a big decision. We provide strategic consultation services to help start-ups stay focused to their business goals and key offerings. Our consulting spans both IT and business advice, giving you a unified, workable solution that you can immediately start with.

From consultation on your brand name, logo, vision and mission statements and defining your business goals, to segmenting your target audience, or giving you suggestions on the right product/ service mix, our business services for start-ups are very comprehensive. They are focussed on helping you break-even, and get tangible business success.

Most start-ups don’t spend too much time working out their IT needs. As a result, they are often faced with unworkable solutions or under-optimized resources a few months into their operations. With GarlNet, your business’s IT set-up will always be top-notch. Our superior IT installations, support and strategies will help you to get the best business value, and stay ahead of competitors

Our blueprint for startups includes, but is not limited to the following services:
- We help you to develop your master business plan.
- Cut your IT budget significantly.
- Define Processes from scratch
- Let us handle your data and transform that into something useful to your business.

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